Starting Upcycling as a Hobby

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Making home improvements is something that people across the country enjoy doing in their spare time. Transforming your living space and seeing your hard work pay off with impressive results is so satisfying. Taking a dull and uninspiring room and injecting it with your personal style can completely refresh the space.

Spending more time at home during lockdown, meant that DIY projects grew more popular than ever, and it seemed like everyone was transforming their homes. If you have been bitten by the home improvement bug but have now redecorated every room in the house, you may be ready to turn your attention elsewhere. Upcycling is an ideal hobby for any interiors enthusiast and is an excellent way to channel your passion for design and stylish aesthetics. The best part about upcycling is you don’t need a tonne of money to get started, so it is a relatively inexpensive pastime, but be warned it is highly addictive! If you are keen to put your upcycling skills to the test and take on this new hobby, here are some things to consider to get started:

Look for Inspiration

If you are struggling to decide on what you would like to upcycle and are unsure of the different techniques involved, it is a great idea to do plenty of research. Looking for upcycling project ideas online is an excellent place to start and will help you to see some of the impressive results that can be achieved. Plus, who needs an excuse to browse interiors websites for inspiration?

Start Small

Starting with a small project is the ideal way to build your upcycling confidence before committing to anything too ambitious. Beginning with a smaller project is the perfect way to test your passion for upcycling before investing heavily in lots of materials and equipment. If you decide that you love the process of transforming dull objects and furniture into creative masterpieces, you are likely ready to start honing your techniques and building up to working on larger-scale projects.

Sort Out Logistics

So, you have seen the perfect sideboard, dressing table, wardrobe, or other perfect but rather bulky items that are crying out to be upcycled. This raises the question of how you will transport the said items back to your home so that you can work your magic on them. In this situation, it pays to find yourself a reliable furniture moving company such as 2 Men And A Truck that you can trust to transport the items to you safely. Once you have found a trustworthy moving company, you will find their services come in handy over and over again in the future.

Be Patient

If upcycling proves a little trickier than you first imagined, try not to give up. If you enjoy your new hobby and love looking for new pieces to makeover, it is worth persevering. With plenty of practice and patience, you should find that your skills develop, and you will soon be producing pieces that you love.

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 16.00.28 copy

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 16.00.28 copy

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