Star Tassel bag

Feeling a bit uninspired with fashion at the mo? Well why not give an old bag a little something extra by upcycling it!

You will need:

*Tassel trim

*Acrylic paint

*Paint brush

*Eco glitter



*Glue gun or fabric glue

*Measuring tape


To add the stars:

  1. Using a paint brush, paint a range of medium sized stars on the bag, making sure the paint covers the nooks and crannies of the bag.

  2. Once the stars are dry, cover each star with eco glitter in a PVA solution. Leave to dry.

To add the trim:

  1. Measure the length of the circumference of the bag.

  2. Cut the correct length of the tassel trim, making sure it fits perfectly around the bag.

  3. Carefully glue the trim onto the top of the bag.

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 16.00.28 copy

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 16.00.28 copy

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