How to Brighten Up Your Home

Having enough light in your home is pretty important for a number of reasons. It's necessary for your health, helping you to stay happy and healthy by ensuring you're not sitting in the dark all the time. It also helps your home to look better, allowing you to enjoy it more when you're home. But it's not always easy to get enough light into your home. You can find that you don't get a lot of natural light, especially if your home doesn't face the right way or you live somewhere that's not particularly sunny. However, you can find ways to make your home lighter and brighter.

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Use Light Colours

The colours you use in your home can be a big difference if you want to make it brighter. It won't suddenly magic up more sunshine, but it will help you to make the most of the light that you have in your home. If you want to paint your walls white, try a warmer white, which can be better for grey days, rather than a brilliant white. Pale colours like pink and blue are great choices if you want to brighten up your home too. They bring extra colour into your home while making sure it's not too dark.

Add More Glazing

If you want to get more natural light into your home, it's a good idea to think about whether you can add any more windows or other glazing. This could take the form of French doors, skylights, or even an orangery or conservatory. Joinery for All Seasons has some amazing examples of what's possible if you want to install a beautiful conservatory onto the back or side of your home. It's a fantastic way to bring in lots more sunlight and it can help to warm up your home too.

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Declutter Your Space

When your home has a lot of clutter, it can look darker and less welcoming. Too much furniture or lots of home accessories that aren't really necessary can block light and make everything feel a bit oppressive. By decluttering and focusing on a more minimalist look, you could improve your home by miles. Use shelving to help you keep control of clutter, allowing you to display things you love without them being scattered all over the place. You can also try to keep your windows clear and even hang some mirrors to reflect the light.

Layer Your Artificial Lighting

We can't rely on natural light all the time. Apart from having to turn lights on in the evening, we can often need them during the day if it's a grey or cloudy day. But if you're choosing lighting for your home, you don't necessarily want to choose lights that are as bright as possible. It's much better to layer your lighting by combining ceiling lights, wall lights, and lamps. You can choose warm lighting that feels wonderful and isn't too glaring.

It's easier to brighten up your home than you might imagine. Decluttering, redecorating, or maybe installing a window or two could make a big difference.

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 16.00.28 copy

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 16.00.28 copy

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