Costume Ideas For Kids With Glasses

Kids that wear glasses can often feel self conscious, but fancy dress is a great way to show them that their glasses can be a good thing. There are so many great costume ideas that incorporate their glasses so they can still see while they’re having a great time. With Halloween coming up, you’re probably looking for some great costumes but these ideas are perfect for any fancy dress occasion. These are some of the best costume ideas for kids with glasses.

The MaD Scientist

The mad scientist has long been a fancy dress classic, whether it’s Halloween or not. A pair of big specs is a central part of the costume, so it’s perfect for kids that wear glasses. You might need to buy another pair of glasses that’s a bit more out there compared to their normal, everyday glasses but you can easily pick up a cheap pair on this website if you don’t want to break the bank on their costume. Once you’ve got the glasses, you just need to get a cheap white lab coat (or you could even make one) and a few props, like plastic test tubes and beakers. The icing on the cake is the crazy hairstyle, which can easily be achieved with a bit of backcombing and some hair gel.


Harry Potter

There aren’t that many kids out there that don’t love Harry Potter and he’s famous for wearing glasses, so it’s the perfect choice for your child’s next costume. There are so many great Harry Potter costumes that you can buy but it’s actually very simple to make your own. Their normal school uniform can make up most of the costume and then you can get a cheap graduation robe or even make your own with some old fabric. Get a stick from the garden to make a wand and draw on the iconic scar with a bit of costume makeup and you have the perfect Harry Potter costume.


Velma Dinkley

Velma from Scooby Doo is another iconic kids character that is famous for wearing big glasses. The beauty of this costume is that the glasses are the main recognisable feature and everything else is so simple to find. You just need an orange sweater and socks and a red skirt and that’s it. Add in a toy magnifying glass to top off the look and you’ve got an amazing costume that puts their glasses front and center.


Clark Kent

Superheroes are so popular with kids right now, but instead of the same old Superman costume that everybody is wearing, why not go with his alter-ego, Clark Kent instead? Superman is famous for using a pair of thick glasses to hide his identity, and the rest of his costume is so simple. You can use your child’s trouser and shirt from their uniform to create the office wear, and then get a Superman t-shirt that shows through the shirt.

Next time you take your kids to a fancy dress party, why not try one of these great costume ideas that makes their glasses the star of the show?