Bunny Feet Easter bonnet


*For the top hat - Cardboard or 2 large cereal boxes

*For the bunny feet and Easter eggs - container box or cardboard

*For the grass - green paper/card or cardboard and green paint

*Kitchen roll, toilet roll, white napkins, tissue paper, or white fabric

*Coloured paints -including pink and white

*Ribbon, fabric or string





*Jug of water




*Craft knife (this will need adult supervision)


*Strong glue or glue gun (this will need adult supervision)


STEP 1 - Carefully cut open one large cereal box at one end and lay it out on a flat surface.

STEP 2 - Using a jar, carefully roll the cereal box around the jar to flatten out the corners and to give the cereal box a curved shape.

STEP 3 - Carefully cut off the top rim of the cereal box and trim any rough edges.

STEP 4 - Using scissors now fringe the other end of the cereal box all the way across.