Bunny Feet Easter bonnet


*For the top hat - Cardboard or 2 large cereal boxes

*For the bunny feet and Easter eggs - container box or cardboard

*For the grass - green paper/card or cardboard and green paint

*Kitchen roll, toilet roll, white napkins, tissue paper, or white fabric

*Coloured paints -including pink and white

*Ribbon, fabric or string





*Jug of water




*Craft knife (this will need adult supervision)


*Strong glue or glue gun (this will need adult supervision)


STEP 1 - Carefully cut open one large cereal box at one end and lay it out on a flat surface.

STEP 2 - Using a jar, carefully roll the cereal box around the jar to flatten out the corners and to give the cereal box a curved shape.

STEP 3 - Carefully cut off the top rim of the cereal box and trim any rough edges.

STEP 4 - Using scissors now fringe the other end of the cereal box all the way across.

STEP 5 - Next curve the cereal box to create the main shape for the top hat. Secure at each end with a stapler.

STEP 6 - Secure the top hat in place with strong glue or a hot glue gun (adult supervision needed).

STEP 7 - To create the rim of the hat, place the top hat onto a piece of cardboard or a flat piece of a cereal box. Draw around the base of the top hat with a pencil.

STEP 8 - Using a ruler, mark out 4cm marks around the circle, connect the marks with a pencil to create a larger circle.

STEP 9 - Carefully cut the rim out using either a craft knife or scissors.

STEP 10 - Now carefully push the base of the top hat through the cardboard rim and glue the fringed pieces onto the base of the rim.

STEP 11 - To strengthen the hat and to even out the surface, using ripped up kitchen roll and PVA glue cover the whole hat and leave to dry fully.

STEP 12 - Whilst the top hat is drying, using a spare card container box or cardboard, draw and cut two rabbit feet (template available).

STEP 13 - Draw and cut three Easter eggs on a spare piece of cardboard (template available).

STEP 14 - Paint each bunny foot with white and pink paint and leave to dry.

STEP 15 - Next, paint and decorate each Easter egg in a design of your choice and leave to dry.

STEP 16 - Once the top hat is completely try and hard to touch, you can now paint the hat in a colour of your choice. Leave to dry.

STEP 17 - From a spare piece of card or paper, draw and cut a circle slightly larger than the circumference of the top hat. With scissors, fringe the edge of the circle and push into the top of the hat, 1.5cm down. Glue into place.

STEP 18 - To create the bunny and the tail, roll kitchen roll pieces into medium sized balls and glue into the top of the hat. Build this section up by layering the kitchen roll balls.

STEP 19 - To create the tail, create a ball of kitchen roll and then wrap the ball with other layers of kitchen roll to build the shape. Glue the tail on top of the kitchen roll mound.

STEP 20 - Decorate the hat by painting on shapes and patterns, in colours of your choice.

STEP 21 - To create the grass, on a green piece of card/paper draw and cut the grass stems. If you do not have any green paper/card, you can use a piece of cardboard or a cereal box and then use green paint to colour it. You will need a long enough piece to wrap round the hat, meaning you can overlap a few pieces if necessary.

STEP 22 - Glue the grass pieces on the hat with strong glue or a hot glue gun.

STEP 23 - Glue the bunny feet on the top of the hat with glue.

STEP 24 - Cut a length of ribbon, string or fabric and wrap around the base of the hat. Secure in place with glue.

STEP 25 - To finish, glue the decorated Easter eggs onto the front of the top hat.

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 16.00.28 copy

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 16.00.28 copy

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