8 Ways To Update Your Property

If you’ve lived in your property for a while, or you are moving to a new property, you may not have the budget to initially have a big overhaul of your property. Instead, you may want to make a few changes that will change the feel of the property without breaking the bank. If when making some changes you notice there are some bigger jobs that need doing, you could opt for a loan for home renovations as a solution. As long as you borrow an amount you can realistically pay back, then you can pay it back over the coming months. Below are five ways to update your property.

Purchase some rugs

This option is more so for laminated or wooden flooring, but you may be surprised to hear that rugs do also work carpeted flooring. A rug is a great way to change the feel of the room instantly without having to change the flooring altogether. Depending on the shape or design of your rug you can put it in any room, making it look bigger, feel brighter. Every couple of months you can change the rug depending on how you feel, allowing for plenty of flexibility. If you want some examples of different rug layouts, why not take a look on Instagram for some inspiration.

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are a great way to add some colour to the room as well as change. Indoor plants come in many designs meaning you can keep them on a shelf, or purchase a floor plant. Most indoor plants are easy to look after and require little water and sunlight. If you really don’t think you have the time to give them the odd water, fake plants will also offer the same benefits but with less upkeep - in fact, no upkeep is needed as they are fake and made from plastic.

Update The Paintwork

Sometimes it’s not a case of repainting to a different colour. Sometimes just updating your paintwork with the same colour paint can make it feel new and fresh again. Certain parts of your property you may find gets used a lot, causing plenty of wear and tear. Why not walk around and inspect your walls and see if it’s a case of just repainting. This way it won’t cost much but will have a big effect. Look at a place like your skirting boards, grouting in the bathroom or places you keep your shoes.

Switch Up Your Centerpieces

What items or pieces of furniture do you use as a centrepiece for each room in your property? Every couple of months, why not switch these up so create a different look and feel to the room? If you have a certain ornament, why not change this for something different like some flowers? You could move your furniture around if they take the centrepiece so the feel of your living room is different or if you use paintings to achieve a certain look, switch them around. Interior styling is important for any property and can instantly change the dimensions of a room.

Hang Things On The Wall

When you walk around your property how many walls are left plain with nothing on them? For some walls leave it this way, on the others consider hanging something on them. Have you got any photos from a previous holiday that you could have printed on a canvas? If you enjoy art, why not paint something or purchase a piece from your favourite artist. Whenever you get fed up with what’s on the wall you can switch it up. Maybe change it every 3 months or to the seasons of the year. Having things on the wall breaks up the white space and allows you to express yourself. Guests will instantly notice it and may bring up certain discussions depending on what the photos or artwork represents.


Lighting plays a key role in how your property will feel. Depending on the type of bulbs you currently use will represent the room in a certain way. Warm lighting can be seen as being cosy, whilst colder lighting can reflect more and make a room look brighter. You could look at purchasing some smart bulbs as they are economically better, work with your mobile device, Alexa/Goggle and allow you to have a broader colour range. Even colours like red, blue or pink can be used. Just change the colour depending on the type of mood you are in.


For some rooms, instead of adding artwork to the wall, why not hang a mirror in its place? With mirrors, you can make the room feel bigger through the reflections. Mirrors can come in all shapes and sizes meaning you can match it with your current decor and fit it in a space you may not have thought possible. By having mirrors on your walls you will also benefit from an increase in lighting as well as using a mirror as a statement piece and using it to see yourself when you need to do things like your makeup or check your outfit/hair.

Cushions and Throws

For an instant change to your living room space, add throws and cushions to your sofa. As with a few things mentioned above, cushions are affordable and can be changed every couple of months to change the feel of the room. Depending on your interiors why not add some colourful cushions to add a spot of colour to the room, or pastel coloured cushions to make the room feel more calming. With the throw, drape it over and use it as a blanket when the room gets cold. Throws can also be used to protect the sofa of any damage and spillage could potentially fall over the throw, not the sofa.

What tips have you used to update your property? Have you applied any of the above and did it look good? Let me know what you do to update your property in the comment box below, I would love to hear from you.