5 Small Touches To Your Bathroom

Making changes to your home is something that is definitely worth doing in 2021. We’ll all likely to be spending more time at home just like last year, so why not make it a place that you can enjoy more so than you are already? The bathroom is an area that can often get damaged through wear and tear over time, so it’s worth focusing on this space when doing any updates. Here are five small touches to make to your bathroom this year.

Change Out The Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings give your room some colour, and if you’ve kept the interiors like your walls and flooring fairly neutral, then you’ll want to take full advantage of changing out these elements. Soft furnishings are a lot more affordable than applying paint to your walls or adding new tiles to the space. Think about what time of year it is currently and whether you have a specific theme you want to go with. Perhaps you love the tropical elements of colour and style, or maybe you’re looking to create a more rustic, home spa. You can make it into your own haven, no matter what style of colour scheme you decide to go with.

When changing out soft furnishings, make sure it fits with the overall decoration of your bathroom and that it helps to elevate it in a positive way. There are some beautifully designed towels and bath mats out there that will certainly have your name on it!

Add In Some Greenery

A bathroom can benefit from a little colour in the form of some indoor plants and shrubs. It can be a great addition to your bathroom and with so many plant species available, you can find plenty that needs very little attention too. That’s the fear that tends to happen with those who may neglect to water plants, and so avoid it at all costs. However, there are so many different subscription services to take advantage of that can supply some wonderful foliage for your bathroom area.

If you don’t fancy a subscription service, then your local garden center is likely to have plenty of choices too. Whether you fancy draping ivy down your bathroom shelves or perhaps want to add in a cactus or two, make use of your space and let the outdoors in.

Regrout Any Tiles

The grout surrounding your tiles can often go yellowed, and with a bit of bleach, you’re likely to remove these stains for the most part. However, when the grout is stained beyond repair or the grout itself has started to come away from the wall and tiles, it’s worth regrouting any tile areas so that they look brand new again. Regrouting your tiles is something that isn’t so expensive than you think, it might just require a little more effort on your part. And if you don’t fancy doing it yourself, then you can always get someone to do it for you.

Remove Any Mold

Mold is something that can be quite dangerous if it’s in excess and so it’s good to try and get it removed as quickly as possible. Even in the most brand-spanking-new bathrooms, the appearance of mold can end up dating the room very quickly. It’s important that you try and ventilate your bathroom as often as you can so that you allow the moisture to escape and not simply sit in the areas where that mold will end up developing.

If you have mold in areas of your bathroom, then there’s plenty of products that you can use. One of the most basic and effective forms of removing mold is by taking a bit of kitchen paper, soaking it in bleach, and then laying it down on the area. Leave it for 24 hours, and when you lift up the kitchen paper, it’ll be gone.

Display Some Artwork

Finally, no room is complete without having some artwork in it. Displaying artwork around the space can be an instant mood booster, and there’s plenty of different artwork to suit those with a variety of preferences. Whether it’s the classic calligraphy quote or an abstract painting, decorate your bathroom space with more colour by hanging or displaying artwork throughout your bathroom. It provides you with something to look at and your guests to ponder over when using the bathroom.

Making these touches to your bathroom this year will certainly be beneficial, seeing as we may all need more pamper nights in this year.