4 Smart Ways To Deal With Clutter

Everybody would love a clutter-free home. However, the decluttering process can be daunting for many. It can feel impossible to change the pattern when you're used to piling clutter in your space. Fortunately, more people are embracing minimalism, and according to Forbes, millennials, in particular, are seeking out ways to live with less. Decluttering could mean having less to clean, organise, and deal with less debt and stress. Here are a few creative ways to deal with clutter at home.

Repurpose your old stuff

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Everyone has an old item or two idling somewhere in their closet or garage. Consider ways you can upcycle or recycle these items into something useful. For instance, you can turn your old t-shirts, blankets, and baby items into pillows. Also, your shower curtains may have seen their best days, but you can repurpose them as table coverings for your picnic tables or use them as drop clothing when painting. Finding a new use for your items isn't only great for reducing clutter but can help lower your carbon footprint on the planet.

Prioritise living with less

Prevention is the most effective way to stop something from happening. It is the same way with clutter and hoarding. Unfortunately, clutter is considerably harder to remove once it settles in. That's because you may feel like you'll need them later. For this reason, it is essential to put measures in place to avoid impulse buying and ignore those tempting deals on items you wouldn't otherwise buy. The goal is to stick to only items you need and fewer of those wants.

Sort out the extra

It is essential to sort out the extra items you need. However, the fact that you don't need a particular item anymore doesn't make it useless. Consider donating them to others who need them. It can be mood-boosting to share your items with others who could benefit from them. You can also sell some of these valued items to earn extra pocket money. The garage is one place to start, especially when many people mention the area as the most disorganised space in their homes. Consider a skip hire if you find the clutter too daunting, especially when renovating or rearranging your garage or other cluttered home areas.

Transfer groceries into containers

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Keeping your kitchen clean is likely top on your to-do list, but how often do you declutter the space? Instead of filling your kitchen with the packaging of your groceries, you can get a few clear food containers from the local store. You can then label them and fill them so that you can throw away the packaging and save space in your pantry. Later, you can consider ways to upcycle the remaining boxes and cartons you didn't throw out.

Decluttering can sometimes be a time-waster if you are doing it wrongly. Without a plan, you may just move your possessions around instead of decluttering. However, these tips can make decluttering more effective and simple.