3 Bathroom Refurb mistakes to avoid

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Refurbishing Your Bathroom

Getting a bathroom upgrade is important for many reasons. First, it’s a great opportunity to revamp its looks according to your tastes and preferences. Likewise, you can improve your bathroom’s functionality while eliminating mould or mildew that can cause respiratory issues. Additionally, you can update your bathroom’s technology to more energy-efficient options, saving more on utility bills. Research also indicates that an updated bathroom can add about 5% value to your home. Despite these benefits, certain mistakes can have adverse effects. So are you planning to improve your bathroom soon? Here’s what to avoid for the best results.

Choosing aesthetic over function

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Admittedly, certain bathroom additions can be pleasant to the eye. However, you can make a mistake by including anything that appeals to you without determining if it’s needed. For starters, you risk wasting money on what you don’t need. Even if you need these items, making purchasing decisions based on their beauty isn’t ideal. This is because you can buy substandard products that would require you to replace them earlier than planned. This, in turn, can increase maintenance costs. Therefore, it’s prudent to understand a brand or product before making any commitments.

Create a list of things you require in your bathroom to determine what not to buy. Also, avoid replacing a fully functional item with a more beautiful but untested option. For instance, you don’t need to replace your taps or shower heads if they’re still in good condition. When buying something you need, ensure that you purchase them from credible brands to get the best results. For example, conducting proper research when purchasing hygienic wall cladding makes sense, so keep this in mind.

Not prioritising ventilation

It’s important to prioritise ventilation when renovating your bathroom. This is because ventilation is essential for good air quality and indoor climate. Without it, your bathroom can develop mould and mildew, jeopardising your health. Likewise, you’d have to deal with misty mirrors caused by high humidity levels. Not only does an unventilated bathroom incubate bacteria and bugs, but it also destroys its structure and causes expensive repairs. Therefore, you want to include ventilation in your home if you haven’t already. Fortunately, several ventilation options are available, and you can choose the most suitable one.

For instance, windows are great for increased air circulation in your bathroom, so feel free to include them in your renovation plan. If you can’t include windows, you’ll find it helpful to install a through-the-wall exhaust fan to enjoy similar benefits. This fan can inhibit moisture buildup by transporting moist air outside, so keep this in mind. You can also invest in a dehumidifier, pedestal fan or duct fan for the best results.

Not investing in adequate storage

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Since your bathroom is a functional space in your home, investing in storage becomes necessary. Excess clutter can make your bathroom look untidy while reducing its space. Moreover, you may find it difficult to use the bathroom without getting uncomfortable. Therefore, you’ll find it helpful to opt for racks to neatly hang your towels and basket shelves to store your lotions and other cosmetics. You can also try these storage options to achieve a more organised bathroom.