DIY animal vases

BBC Bitesize asked me to create some fun crafts for them and we decided to create these cute animal vases from recycled containers.

They can be made using a range of materials, from plastic bottles, juice cartons or takeaway boxes. They are completely customisable and can be any shape, colour and style - it’s time to get those imaginations running wild! Let your children enjoy the process of designing their vase, creating it and then using them to nurture plants - but remember, some parts of the process will need your help or supervision.

To watch the full video tutorial, click here!


  1. On the plastic bottle, draw out the shape of the vase.

  2. Carefully cut the shape out with scissors (make sure an adult does this).

  3. Paint the vase in a colour of your choice. Leave to dry.

  4. With a black marker or paint, draw on the face.

NOTE - You can leave the project here if you wish, but if you want to decorate it further, you can add embellishments of your choice.

To make the animal vase into a unicorn:

  1. Cut lengths of coloured yarn and glue/tape onto the inside rim of the vase (again an adult should help here).

  2. Prepare a small square of card and roll from point to point to make a cone shape, this will be the unicorn’s horn. Secure the open end of the cone with glue.

  3. Cover the horn with glue and glitter. Leave to dry.

  4. Glue the horn onto the top of the vase, between the ears.

Now fill your vase with soil and pop in a few seeds, give the seeds some water and watch your plant grow!

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 16.00.28 copy

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 16.00.28 copy

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