DIY Unicorn Costume

The team at Poopsie Slime Surprise got in touch and wanted me to make them a fun and fabulous craft video featuring all their favourite things....rainbows, llamas and unicorns! For the unicorn section we decided to create a DIY unicorn costume made from just a box and cardboard! Granted this did take some time, but overall it was really easy to make.

Here are the instructions below of how I made it.....

You will need:

*Cardboard box

*Cardboard for unicorn head

*White paint



*White thick ribbon




*Glue gun

*Yellow card

*PVA glue and paintbrush

*Gold glitter

*White, blue and black card

*Coloured yarn (for hair and tail)


1. On the top of the cardboard box, mark a rectangle section with a pencil which needs to be removed so you can fit into the middle.

2. Carefully cut away the rectangle section. Repeat for bottom also.

3. Glue down the open ends of the box - be careful with the glue gun, as it can get hot!

4. Paint the box with white paint and leave to dry. Give the box enough coats so it is solid white.

5. Whilst your box is drying, on the piece of spare cardboard, sketch out the shape of the unicorn's head.

6. Carefully cut out the unicorn's head.

7. Paint the unicorn's head with white paint on both sides. Leave to dry.

8. Cut two lengths of thick ribbon and glue onto the inside top of the box - these will be your straps!

9. To make the eyes, on white, blue and black card draw and cut the eyes/eye lashes and glue them all together.

10. Glue the eyes on the unicorn's head on both sides.

11. To make the horn, from yellow card, draw and cut a horn shape. Cover with PVA glue and sprinkle gold glitter all over. Leave to dry. To finish that step, glue the horns onto the unicorn's head.

12. Lay the box on the side and glue the unicorn's head onto the side of the box.

13. Cut long lengths of coloured yarn and glue onto to the top of the head to create the hair.

14. Cut some more lengths of coloured yarn, tie into a knot and glue on the back of the box to create the tail.

15. To finish, add a bow from the remaining ribbon and some pom-poms to the head.

Here is the full video with all the instructions for each craft we created for the project, the unicorn section is at the end......

Poopsie Slime Surprise is running a competition over on their facebook page, giving you the chance to win lots of Poopsie goodies! All you have to do is create one of the crafts from the video, so go check out the details here (competition runs until 14.07.2020):

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 16.00.28 copy

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 16.00.28 copy

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