How to Make a Fairy Garden

Hobbycraft's paper plate fairy garden is loads of fun to make and a lot easier than it might look. Children will love creating this little Spring scene and playing with it once it is finished.

You will need - visit to get all the bits you need!

*Paper Plate

*Hobbycraft PVA Glue

*Ready Mix Bright Paint

*White Air Drying Modelling Clay

*Flower Embellishments

*Modge Podge Gloss

*Wooden lolly sticks

*Washi Tape


*Mini Toadstools


Step 1 - Mark a small pond shape onto the back of the plate and paint it blue. Paint the rest of the plate green using a bristle effect – jab a dry paintbrush on to the paint to make it look like grass. Mix a little grey into the green to give different shades. Leave to dry.

Step 2 - Take small lumps of clay, roll them up and squash to make stepping stones. Turn larger pieces into rocks by squashing and pinching the clay. Set aside to dry in a warm place.

Step 3 - Roll lumps of clay into 2cm thick sausages and press around the rim of the plate. Paint the wet clay green.

Step 4 - Cut away 5cm from one side of the clay around the rim, to make a doorway. Cut lollipop sticks in half and push them into the clay all the way around to make a fence. Glue more half-lollipop sticks across the ones in the clay to make it look more like a fence.

Step 5 - To make a gate, cut two lollipop sticks in half to create 4 pieces. Line them up together and glue a lollipop stick on top diagonally. Trim the ends of the diagonal stick and repeat for the other side.

Step 6 - To make a wreath for the gate, cut some of the small buds and stems from the fabric flowers. Twist together into a 3cm circle.

Step 7 -Glue the wreath onto the gate. Washi tape the top and bottom of one side of the gate onto a wooden skewer, to make a hinge.

Step 8 - Trim the skewer to size and push into the clay next to the opening on the plate. Glue the skewer to the fence for extra strength. Leave the plate overnight to allow the clay to dry.

Step 9 - Paint the rocks and stepping stones grey, using the bristle effect as with the grass. Glue onto the plate to create a pathway with rocks around the pond. Glue some moss around the rocks.