16 Kids Crafts to Make in 10 Minutes







How to Make a Tasseled Bag Charm by Bethan John


Make these in your favourite colours and add to your schoolbag, so you never get confused about which one is yours!








How to Make Giant Pinwheels by Kids Activities Blog


Imagine colourful pinwheels spinning in the breeze – what a thought! To get us in the mood for warmer weather, follow the above tutorial by Kids Activities Blog to find out how you can make your own giant pinwheels to plant in the flower beds.









How to Make Pipe Cleaner Wands


These wands are simple to make and the options for shapes, beads and straw combos are endless. As pipe cleaners have sharp bits at each end make sure you tuck them in out the way of little hands.





Clothespin Dragonflies by Crafty Morning


Clothes pegs are a craft box staple! Take inspiration from this blog post by Crafty morning, showing you how to turn the pegs into dragonflies. What other critters could you create from a peg?





Craft Stick Harmonicas by Make It Love It


Children often like anything that makes noise – so this means that these craft stick harmonicas are the perfect craft to keep them occupied! All you’ll need is a couple of wooden craft sticks, toothpicks, elastic bands, and embellishments. Take a look at the above tutorial to find out how you can create them.





How to Make an Ant Colony by Blue Bear Wood


Find out how to make these bright, giant ants using polystyrene balls and pipe cleaners. The tutorial above by Blue Bear Wood also offers up a few super interesting ant facts! How many will be in your colony?






How to Make Cardboard Tube Bears by Creative Family Fun


Ah, the humble cardboard tube- a vessel that can be turned into literally anything! The above tutorial shows how easy it is to turn tubes into cute bears- they look very friendly!






Homemade Play Dough by Living Well Mom


This easy homemade playdough recipe uses common kitchen ingredients, and takes less than 10 minutes to make. It doesn’t crumble or make as big of a mess, and it’s also hardier and lasts a long time. Follow the above recipe to make your own.






How to Make Rainbow Wind Blowers by Kid’s Craft Room


These Cardboard Tube Rainbow Blowers are a wonderful way to recycle them into something colourful and most importantly fun! Kids will love to see all the colourful streamers blow and billow about. It’s a fabulous rainbow craft to go along with weather learning themes and songs. They also look wonderful hanging up too, and double up as pretty windsocks when the kids have had enough of playing with them!





How to Make Pastel Slime Eggs


Roll up your sleeves and make these super fun pastel, slime-filled eggs. It’s so easy to make your own slime, with only a few special ingredients and a bit of elbow grease! We’ve popped dinosaurs in ours – what else could you fill the eggs with?





Minecraft Balloons by A Mummy Too


It’s so easy to make these brilliant Minecraft balloons. With just a few simple craft materials, you could have mobs floating around your room in no time. Follow the above tutorial to find out how the pictured balloons were created.





How to Make a Musical Rain Stick


Have a go at making some fun musical rain sticks that the kids will love both making and using! All you need are some cardboard tubes, and lots of bright decorations to get going.






How to Make a Toilet Roll Rocket by Molly Moo


A toilet roll craft rocket made with no paint, no mess, made in 10 minutes or less, ready to take to the skies in a playroom near you! Follow the above tutorial to find out how easy it is to make!





How to make a Wind Sock


Wind socks are a wonderful, creative and simple idea to brighten up the garden patio and add decoration. They come in all sorts of shapes, sized and designs for you to try.











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