Pandemic Patio

Pandemic Patio: How To Restore Your Decking During Lockdown

We all dream of a decent garden patio. We’re talking clean decking, seating in the sun, and even the chance to eat outside. Yet, this is often the first area we neglect in our outside spaces. After all, few of us know how to care for the decking we have, and when time takes its toll, it often seems easier to ignore the issue.

But, as we swiftly approach week five of lockdown, our gardens seem more appealing than ever. And, for many of us, that makes this the ideal time to finally restore our decking areas to their former glory.

But, we know what you’re thinking - how on earth do you achieve this goal after leaving the issue for so long? Well, keep on reading, and you might just find out.

Clear everything off

Whether you’ve let garden furniture pile up here or have simply left moss and other green gunk to build, the first step towards restoration should always be a cleanup. That means removing every piece of furniture and turning a pressure washer or trowel to your decking. This might take a while, and it can seem like a thankless effort, but trust us when we say that you’ll slowly start to see glimmers of the patio that once was. And, when you do, you’ll surely be glad you took this effort.

Focus on your decking itself

Even once you’ve cleared your decking and largely removed the muck, your journey here has only just started. Next, it’s vital that you turn your attention to the state of your decking underneath that layer of dirt. At this stage, it’s critical that you assess any panels that need replacing or repairing straight away. All the better for making sure you don’t fall through as soon you attempt to put a chair down here!

Even once you’ve repaired your decking back to an even, complete structure, you’ll want to think about reviving those decking panels to their former glory. You did this to some extent when you cleaned them, but adding revival-specific products like Oakwoods Outlet’s Osmo Gel to the mix is sure to take even those efforts up a gear. Then, once you’ve achieved the finish you remember, it’s time to reseal those panels for continued performance that lasts the summer long.

Give the area a makeover

You’re nearly ready for afternoons outside during lockdown, but, first, it’s time to give your patio setup itself a bit of a makeover. After all, your efforts here won’t amount to much if you pile all that furniture back up like before. Instead, sort through the garden furniture you’ve got or order new pieces online. Then, start building a peaceful decking setup where you can imagine yourself spending long, lazy afternoons during lockdown and beyond.

Let’s face it; your patio is likely an area you’ve wanted to bring back to glory for a while now. And, there’s really no better time to tick that task off your to-do list at last.