7 Fun DIY Projects for Spring



                        Image: Kaboompics - Pixabay


With spring comes fresh ideas for the home! Why go out and buy things already made when you could create them yourself? Get into the DIY spirit with these fun and easy-to-make projects.




1. Empty Wine Bottles


                                                 Image: bybrittanygoldwyn.com


Glass bottles make great containers for fresh flowers. You can either spray paint the bottle and display the flowers in the top opening or, alternatively  you could carefully cut the sides of them and place sideways, then fill with plants of your choosing to create a mini garden.




2. Decorate the Wall Clock

                                                  Image: aliceandlois.com


If you have a clock you love but it doesn’t seem to fit with your decor now that spring is sprung, here is how to update it - easily! Cover the exterior metal or wood rim with fabric to add texture. It’s as easy as using hem tape around the front back to hold it in place. Also you can create your own clock by covering a shape with fabric and adding the clock mechanism to the center. 





3. Cement Coasters

                                                 Image: sasandrose.com


Easily buy building materials online, such as concrete sealers to complete concrete DIY projects. There are loads of ideas, such as coasters and cabinet knobs, as well as garden decorations, all made from cement. The sealer helps ensure they won’t crack from the elements. The coasters are simple to make with circle molds and decor paint.




4. Hanger Lights

                                    Image: Zac Lewis


Can you make a light out of hangers? Yes! This one uses only one wooden hanger, as well as a jig saw, 7mm drill bit, sanding block, and the rest of the listed items. Begin by rounding off the end of the hanger before drilling holes for the wire and then follow the rest of the instructions for a cool light for a desk or side table.






5. Paper Chandeliers


                                                  Image: thehousethatlarsbuilt.com


Make them for yourself or the kids - or with the kids! It’s great for a spring birthday party or another celebration. Firstly, hang a vintage basket as the centrepiece. Then string lots of paper flowers from it on all sides, dangling them by a twine string. Add leaves at the top to make it fuller.


The great thing about this spring project is that the paper is inexpensive as compared to a chandelier you would buy in a shop, plus you can put your unique touch on it as a DIY project. Plus, it’ll probably only take a few hours to complete it.




6. Cabbage Beauty


                                  Image: Laurey W.Glenn


An unusual but lovely centrepiece for the table has cabbage as its star! It’s lovely for Mother’s Day or another event. One large cabbage with five bundles of flowers become a work of art by following these instructions.




7. DIY Art


                       Image: adventure-in-a-box.com


Get out the spray bottle and make some art! You’ll need springtime colours, such as light blue and pink, as well as a blank canvas. Apply the paint any way you want to the art, then hang it and spray it with water. Fun! 


As the paint drips down, it will make an original painting that you can then hang anywhere in the house. If you missed my post on my DIY camera retro wall art, reading it just might give you more fun ideas!






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