Mickey Festive Marshmallows

So this project was inspired by the fab Instagrammer Luxe and the Lady and her amazing Toy Story Martian-Mallows (go check them out!). Jessica made some brilliant Toy Story alien marshmallows and I really wanted to have a go myself, but decided to make Mickey Mouse ones instead. The recipe is very similar, but with a few less steps and using different coloured food colouring and icing. For any Disney lover, these cute Mickey Marshmallows will look great on a festive cup of coco this Christmas and the best part is they are really yummy too! See the recipe below....

You will need:

237 ml cold water

4 jumbo marshmallows

34 grams black candy melts

Black food colouring

Sticks or wooden skewers

Black decorating icing


Icing Sugar

Rolling Pin

Kitchen scissors


Circle template


1. To begin, cut the jumbo marshmallows into circles for Mickey's head. To cut the marshmallows easily, dip the scissors into the cornstarch and this will prevent the marshmallows from becoming too sticky.

2. Fill a jug with 237 ml of cold water and stir in the black food colouring. Now place a marshmallow onto a wooden skewer and submerge in the food colouring and water mixture. Tip - the marshmallows will float, so to keep them submerged in the water make sure to weigh down the stick, so it doesn't bob up. Hold them in the water for about 10-15 minutes, checking the colour after 10 minutes until you reach your desired shade. Leave them over night to dry on parchment paper.

3. Mix some cornstarch and icing sugar together and lightly coat each marshmallow. Make sure you do not put too much on, as you will still want the black colour to show through.

4. Sprinkle some flour on a flat, clean surface and roll out the black decorating icing. Using a small circle template, cut out a few pairs of 'Mickey ears'. Using the mixed coating powder, give each ear a light coating to stop the icing becoming sticky whilst being handled.

5. Melt down 34 grams of black candy melts - this will act as the glue.

6. Dip the bottom of each ear into the melted candy melt mixture and stick onto the top a marshmallow circle. Repeat this for all the rest of the Mickey heads.

7. Lay each Mickey head on parchment paper face down and allow the candy melt glue to dry hard.

Once finished, add to a cup of delicious hot chocolate and enjoy your yummy treat by the Christmas tree!