For ITV's This Morning I was asked to present a great segment where we showed the viewers how to upcycle children's play kitchens. Upcycling play kitchens has become an instant internet craze, with many people doing this, with some amazing results! The idea behind this TV segment was to inspire people to get crafty and creative, plus encourage them to upcycle items they own using materials and paint they already have. By using materials and paint you already have, helps to keep costs down.

To watch the ITV segment, please click on the link:

One of the kitchens we created was a tropical pineapple theme, with gold hints and accessories. Using a selection of different decorating products and styling accessories we gave this plain kitchen a new lease of life, with a fun tropical touch! Here is how I made it and what was used.....


The kitchen which was used was the lovely DUKTIG play kitchen from Ikea, £60. The modern sleek style and shape makes the perfect template to upcycle. The play kitchen comes as a flat pack, so I advise you to half build the kitchen, apply the paint, then finish building once the components have all been painted.


The main wooden frame has been painted with Colours premium matt paint in Water. The frame needed 3-4 coats, so the colour really popped, without being patchy. The inside of the shelves have been painted with tester pots (£1 each) of Colours premium matt paint in Tropez Blue. To achieve a neat line, I used Frog masking tape - using this was much more reliable than standard masking tape, as it seems to grip much better on surfaces, reducing the amount of paint bleeding through the tape.


The stunning tropical wall mural used for the backing of the kitchen is from trendy brand Pixers®. Pixers® has an amazing selection of incredible designs for wall murals, wallpapers, stickers, posters, and prints. When you find a design you like, you can customise it exactly to the size you need, which for a project like this is really helpful.

The design picked for this project was a seamless tropical pattern in pastel tones. The eco-friendly Pixerstick, self-adhesive wall mural was a great choice for a child's toy, as it is durable and will with-stand lots of wear and tear- not forgetting play sessions! This gorgeous design really complimented the gold hints and looked great against the blue tones.

The best part of this self-adhesive wall mural is that it is SO easy to install. With the adhesive sticky back, this means there is no messing around with wallpaper paste- yay! Once I had the MDF backing cut to the right size (roughly 68cm wide and 40 cm high), I slowly peeled the paper backing away from the wall mural, stuck the first section down and removed any air bubbles with a flat, clean wooden ruler. I then slowly peeled the paper backing off further, and used the wooden ruler to flatten any air bubbles out until the whole MDF sheet was covered with the mural. Once I was happy with the way the mural looked, I attached it to the back of the kitchen frame with thin nails and a hammer.

LINK: Seamless Tropical Wall Mural by Pixers®


The sink, washing-up bowl, oven surround, feet, handles, pots and pans, utensils, utensil pole and hooks have been adapted with gold spray paint. These needed roughly about 3-4 coats of spray paint. For the oven surround, I covered the middle section with paper and masking tape and once dry, peeled these away. NOTE - If any paint comes away, you can touch these areas up with gold paint with a brush. It is also advised to let all the accessories fully dry in between coats, so there is an even finish.


Gold Spray Paint

DUKTIG 5-piece toy kitchen utensil set

DUKTIG 5-piece toy cookware set

DUKTIG 7-piece toy baking set


To add some interest to the kitchen, from stunning gold pineapple metallic fabric I made a small tea towel and some cute oven gloves. These were both cut free hand and hemmed using our new sewing machine! Don't panic though, because if sewing is not your thing or scares you a little, you could easily hem these accessories with fabric glue. You can also make these accessories from an old pillow case or duvet cover, which will help keep costs down.

LINK: Gold metallic pineapple fabric


To style up the kitchen, I have chosen a selection of tropical themed items which finish the look perfectly......

Pineapple gold dish

Wooden Tea Set

Funky pot plants & Pineapple Ornament (spray painted with gold)

This tropical kitchen is eye-catching, fun and will be a great addition to any home. You can easily adapt the colours or accessories to fit your scheme, making this project really great to do.

If you have upcycled a play kitchen, we would love to see it! Send any images to

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 16.00.28 copy

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 16.00.28 copy

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