I recently got to do such a great segment for ITV's This Morning, where we showed the viewers how to upcycle children's play kitchens. This segment was to inspire people to get crafty and creative, plus encourage them to upcycle items they own using materials and paint they already have.

To watch the ITV segment, please click on the link:

The first kitchen we featured was a Monochrome kitchen with a Skandi twist, here is how I made it......


The kitchen which was used was the lovely DUKTIG play kitchen from Ikea, £60. The modern sleek style and shape makes the perfect template to upcycle. The play kitchen comes as a flat pack, so I advise you to half build the kitchen, apply the paint, then finish building once the components have been painted.


For this kitchen I have chosen a Skandi monochrome theme, which personally I love. It's bold, bright and will really add a modern touch to any space. As we are currently upcycling bits and pieces for our baby's nursery, we have used Little Knights 'Pure White' baby-safe paint but you can just use what you have in the house already to keep costs down. I gave the kitchen 3-4 coats of paint, so the white would be really bright and non-patchy.


As you can see from the kitchen in it's original form, it has a gap at the back. To add some interest, I added a sheet of MDF which I had cut at B&Q - the size for this was roughly 68 cm wide and 40cm in height. The MDF has been painted with the same white paint and finished off with funky triangle black wall stickers which were purchased from eBay. The MDF sheet was attached to the back with nails and a hammer.

Link: Triangle wall stickers


To add some interest to the kitchen, from monochrome triangle cotton fabric I made a small tea towel and an apron. These were both cut free hand and hemmed using our new sewing machine! If sewing is not your thing or scares you though, you could easily hem these accessories with fabric glue.

LINK: Monochrome Triangle Fabric


The sink, bowl, oven surround, feet, utensil pole and hooks have been adapted with black spray paint. These needed roughly about 3-4 even coats of spray paint. For the oven surround, I covered the middle section with paper and masking tape and once dry, peeled these away. NOTE - If any paint comes away, you can touch these areas up with black acrylic, black board or matt paint with a brush.

LINK: Black Spray Paint


To style up the kitchen, I have chosen child friendly items which add a bit of interest to the kitchen......

Black & White Russian Dolls

Cat Mug

Faux Plant

Star Circus Light

Overall the finished effect has come out really well and will look great in the nursery or play room. To finish off the kitchen, Ikea do a great selection of utensils, pots and pans which are all so cheap. Here are the links:

DUKTIG 5-piece toy kitchen utensil set

DUKTIG 5-piece toy cookware set

DUKTIG 7-piece toy baking set

If you have upcycled a play kitchen, we would love to see it! Send any images to

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 16.00.28 copy

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 16.00.28 copy

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