DIY Hanging Heart

Recently I have been thinking about nursery decor, as we are expecting our first child in October! eek! The colour scheme for the nursery is going to be rainbow colours with white walls and grey hints. I like the idea of having quite a fresh and bold scheme, which will be a stimulating and happy environment for mini blonde! Of course in true DiY Blonde style, I just couldn't resist to create some handmade items for the nursery, so here is my first......

You will need:

*Pink felt sheets

*Red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, navy blue, purple felt sheets

*Pom-pom and tassel garland (Or you can make one yourself!)

*Loop cord

*Black thread


*Toy stuffing or cotton wool






*Glue gun and glue sticks



1. Draw and cut 2 equal hearts from pink felt.

2. On a piece of card, using a compass and pencil, draw a small semi circle.

3. From the edge of the semi circle, mark out 7 equal points (these will be the different sections of the rainbow).

4. Now use the compass to draw the rest of the rainbow template. Cut the template out.

5. Lay the rainbow template on the red felt, drawn round and cut out. Now trim the outer layer of the rainbow template.

6. Lay the template on the orange felt and draw round. Continue this process for all the colours of the rainbow.

7. Once you have all the rainbow coloured shapes, glue the rainbow together. Curve the base with sharp scissors.

8. Glue the rainbow onto the top pink heart felt piece.

9. Glue the loop cord and pom-pom garland onto the inside back heart felt piece.

10. Lay the two felt hearts on top of one another, sew round the edge of hearts with black thread leaving a small gap at the side.

11. Now fill the inside of the heart pocket with toy stuffing and then sew the open side shut.