Pinata Time!

DIY Rainbow Piñata

You will need:

2mm cardboard sheets A3 x2

Maths compass





Hot glue gun


PVA glue


Rainbow coloured tissue paper sheets

Silver tissue paper

Silver foil tassel curtain

White card

Silver glitter

Silver stars

Rainbow confetti



  1. Using a Maths compass, draw a small semi circle to start the rainbow shape.

  2. Now measure 7 equal points on the card from the centre point of the original semi circle to create each section of the rainbow. Using the compass, pencil and string, draw each semi circle gradually getting bigger to complete the rainbow.

  3. Cut out the rainbow shape. You will need two of these for the front and back.

  4. Draw and cut a length of card roughly 2.5-4.5cm wide (depending on how deep and big you want your piñata to be) from the remaining card. Bend the card strip in key points, so it fits the curved shape of the rainbow.

  5. Glue the card strip along the edge of the rainbow back piece. The edge of the rainbow should be completely filled all the way round.

  6. Make a small hole in the top of the rainbow, then thread through a string loop with a knot in the end. This will allow you to hang the piñata.

  7. Fill the inside of the rainbow with sweets and confetti.

  8. Glue the front rainbow onto the top of the rim, to close the sweets and confetti inside.

To decorate the rainbow:


  1. To decorate the back with the classic fringed tissue paper, cut a thin strip of tissue paper and fringe the edge with scissors.

  2. Starting from the base of the rainbow glue each fringed strip into position, overlapping each layer (this will hide any messy areas).

  3. Cover the entire back and sides with the fringed tissue paper, leaving the bottom edge clear.


  1. To decorate the front, fill in each section of the rainbow with coloured tissue paper. Cut small strips, roll into a ball and glue into position.

To make the rain:

  1. Gather the end of the silver foil curtain, bunch together and cut.

  2. Tie the top of the bunch together and glue to the base of one side of the rainbow. Repeat this process for the other end of the rainbow.

To make the clouds:

  1. Draw and cut two medium sized clouds from white card.

  2. Add silver glitter to the rim of each cloud and leave to dry.

  3. Decorate each cloud with silver stars.

  4. Glue each cloud to each end of the rainbow, covering the ends.

DIY Cactus Piñata

You will need:

2mm cardboard sheets A3 x3





Hot glue gun


Green crepe paper

Pink tissue paper

White card