Easter Bonnets

Happy Easter! If you are looking for some Easter Bonnet inspiration, we have something for everyone. Whether you need something you can make in 10 mins or less or fancy making a masterpiece, check out the tutorials below!

Daffodil & Pom-Pom Crown

You will need:

Dark green felt sheets A4 x2

Light green felt sheets A4 x2

Yellow felt sheet A4

Orange felt sheet A4

Glitter green felt sheet A4

A3 card




Glue/Hot glue gun


To make the crown:

  1. Draw and cut a grass stem design on two dark green felt sheets and two light green felt sheets.

  2. Line the dark green felt sheets together to make one long design. Glue together in the middle. This will be the main part of the crown.

  3. Cut a long strip from card and glue onto the crown to stabilize it whilst on the head.

  4. Now glue the light green grass stem design onto the inside of the crown, slightly higher to give the crown a two-tone effect.

  5. To finish, glue the two ends together, to form the crown headband.

To make the daffodils:

  1. Draw and cut two sets of petals from yellow felt. For this you will need to create a three-edged petal design.

  2. Take one set and add a line of glue down the centre of each petal, using your fingers, pinch the centre of the felt onto the glue to create a 3D effect.

  3. Glue the two sets of petals together with glue.

  4. Draw and cut a small rectangle from orange felt, with a wavy top edge.

  5. Glue each end together to create a circle. This is the centre of the daffodil.

  6. Glue the orange centre to the middle of the yellow petals.

  7. Draw and cut two leaves from the glitter green felt. Glue onto the back of the daffodil.

To decorate the crown:

  1. Glue the daffodils and pom-poms onto front and back of the crown.

Bunny Feet Bonnet

You will need:

Plain hat or bonnet

Toy stuffing

Pink, white and green craft foam

Faux flowers

Glitter eggs​

Glue or hot glue gun


  1. Cover the centre of the bonnet with toy stuffing to create the rabbit’s bottom half and glue into place.

  2. Add an extra piece of toy stuffing to create the rabbit’s tail.

  3. Draw and cut a grass stem design from green craft foam, long enough to wrap around the rabbit’s body.

  4. Glue the grass stem around the body and secure in place with glue.

  5. Draw and cut two rabbit feet from white craft foam.

  6. Draw and cut the details (such as the soles and toes) of the feet from pink craft foam and glue onto the white feet.

  7. Glue the finished feet onto the front of the bonnet. (This should now look like the rabbit is jumping into the grass hole).

  8. On the rim of the bonnet, add a selection of faux flowers and glitter eggs.

Cadbury Creme Egg Bonnet

You will need:

Decoupage large cracked egg


Brown and red crate paper

Decoupage glue or PVA


Yellow & orange felt


Purple and white paint

White card

A4 brown felt sheet

Tin foil

Toy Stuffing

White shiny material

Hot glue gun

Red ribbon


  1. Carefully saw the end off the decoupage egg, so the egg can fit snuggly onto the head.

  2. Using the brown crate paper, decoupage the egg until it is completely covered. Leave to dry.

  3. Add the tin foil to cover half the egg from the bottom. Peel back the tin foil, to make it look like the wrapper has been peeled off the chocolate egg.

To create the Cadbury’s wrapping design:

  1. Using the red crate paper, decoupage over the foil. Leave to dry. Repeat this process if necessary to achieve the correct colour red.

  2. Draw and cut a wavy oval shape from yellow felt and glue onto the bottom section of the foil.

  3. Cut a semi circle and the letter ‘e’ from white card.

  4. Paint these two shapes with purple paint. Leave to dry.

  5. Glue the purple semi circle and ‘e’ onto the centre of the yellow felt oval shape.

  6. With white paint, paint half the word ‘Cadbury’ and add some shading to the two purple shapes.

To create the creme and yoke:

  1. Inside the egg, roughly 8cm down, glue the brown felt into position. This will act as a barrier to stop the head disturbing the design.

  2. In the top section of the egg, add a generous amount of toy stuffing.

  3. Push the white shiny material into the cracked opening, covering the toy stuffing completely.

  4. Draw and cut a small wavy circle from orange felt and glue onto the centre of the white material.

  5. To finish, add two strips of red ribbon to the bottom inside of the hat, so the bonnet can be securely fixed in place when being worn.

Egg spill Easter Bonnet

You will need:

Plain hat or bonnet

Green crate paper

Old fork

Mini felt basket

Faux Flowers and daisies

Easter decorative embellishments

Easter mini rabbits

Foil wrapped chocolate mini eggs


Hot glue gun


  1. Firstly cover the rim and side of the bonnet with green crate paper in a decorative formation.

  2. Now decorate the main part of the bonnet by adding faux flowers and the Easter embellishments. Leaving the top of the hat clear.

  3. Decorate the rim with the mini Easter rabbits and the chocolate eggs.

  4. Bend the old fork in a backwards Z shape.

  5. Using the hot glue gun, glue the end of the bent fork onto the top of hat. Make sure there is enough glue to keep the fork standing upright.

  6. Now glue the mini felt basket to the top of the bent fork, so the basket looks like it is tipping forward.

  7. Begin to glue the foil wrapped chocolate eggs onto the fork, spilling out of the basket and down onto the top centre of the bonnet. Make sure the top of the bonnet is completely covered with the chocolate eggs.

  8. To finish, add a few faux daisies onto the eggs.

See my live demo of these bonnets on ITV's This Morning by clicking the link: www.itv.com/thismorning/home-garden/easter-crafts-welcome-to-our-build-a-bonnet-workshop

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 16.00.28 copy

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 16.00.28 copy

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