DIY Pallet Bed

To celebrate The Sleep Council ’s National Bed Month throughout March, I've teamed up with Interior Designer & Upcycling Expert Lynne Lambourne to take on the challenge of creating a bed from pallets in just one day!

The Sleep Council is on a mission throughout March 2018 to encourage people to seek a new bed and mattress if theirs is causing them sleepless nights or even pain. Only 22% of people surveyed in the Great British Bedtime Report 2017 thought that a new bed would improve their sleep. And yet with The Sleep Council’s own research a few years back, found that when replacing an uncomfortable bed, a new bed was associated with an increase of 42 minutes sleep. Lynne and I wanted to explore this further and encourage people to find alternative ways of sleeping which can still be as comfy and supportive as using a traditional bed. By upcycling pallets and an old wooden playhouse, we have created a stunning child’s bed in a number of hours. We both feel it is important to encourage people to recycle materials where they can and want to inspire creativity with upcycling.

This step-by-step guide is incredibly easy to follow and will give you the homeowner, the opportunity to create custom pieces in your home, but on a budget.

Video Tutorial:

You will need:

2x wooden pallets

1x wooden headboard

Electric Sander

Paint (colour of your choice)



Heavy-duty flat metal brackets


4x wooden planks


Single Mattress

Pillows and duvet!


1. Find two wooden pallets and a wooden headboard, free from mould and damp.

2. Sand the wooden headboard to remove any old paint.

3. Paint the headboard with your chosen paint colour, leave to dry. Give the headboard a few more coats of paint if necessary.

4. Now sand each pallet to smooth out any uneven areas.

5. Lay out the pallets in the desired design, the top pallet can be placed sideways. The bottom pallet is to be placed long-ways. Now attach the pallets together using the flat metal brackets and screws. Add as many as you like to secure the pallets in place.

6. Place the painted headboard into position and screw onto the top pallet at either side.

7. To cover the protruding edge of the top pallet, gather four extra wooden planks. Remove any nails and trim the planks down to size, so they are all equal.