Rustic Christmas Decor

Whatever style you choose at Christmas, the rustic look without fail always works. Crafting at Christmas is a great opportunity to create some amazing pieces that you can keep for years to come. They do not have to be complicated, simplicity is often the key. Adding a rustic touch, gives your work that homemade feel, whilst hiding a multiple of sins!!

'JOY' jar centrepiece

You will need:

3 x glass jars

Red spray paint


‘JOY’ wooden letters

Faux berries and holly


Hot glue gun



1. To begin, spray each jar with red spray paint. Leave to dry. Add as many coats as needed.

2. Cut three strips of hessian and wrap around each jar. Secure in place with hot glue.

3. Glue the wooden letters onto the front of each jar to spell the word ‘JOY”.

4. Fill each jar with faux berries and holly.

5. Place the jars onto a decorative tray and decorate with the remaining foliage.

Rustic evergreen candles

You will need:


Christmas tree cuttings



Craft Knife


1. Cut a rectangle from card, roughly 6cm wide and 10cm long.

2. Using a craft knife, carefully make a slit at the top left hand side of the card, 1cm in from the side.

3. Repeat this on the top right hand side, 1cm in from the side.

4. Now remove some of the pines from the cutting at either end, to expose the bare wood.

5. Carefully thread each end of the cutting into the slits in the card.

What have created this Christmas? Send in any pics, we would love to see them! Email them to:

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 16.00.28 copy

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 16.00.28 copy

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