Pink pom-pom chair

For Breast Cancer Awareness a few of us creatives and the lovely folks at Preloved are getting busy and upcycling items in pink, to support the amazing work of the Pink Ribbon Foundation . It's great to pull together and help raise money for this important cause that effects so many.

Personally, the Breast Cancer illness is very close to home for me, with two of my best friends, my aunt and my dad having suffered with this terrible disease. What has been eye opening, is that this doesn't just effect people in their elder years, but it is happening to people younger and younger everyday. This is why it is so important to start talking about this subject, encourage people to check their breasts regularly and start speaking up if they have a problem. Though the after care is also such a worry, with many suffering with depression after cancer. Though all my loved ones have survived the cancer, without help and support, their cancer journeys would have been dark and lonely. With the Pink Ribbon Foundation, this can offer a strong support to guide people with breast cancer from the diagnosis, to help with continuing their lives after cancer. They say in life, enjoy every minute, as you never know when it can change and as the risk of cancer is so very real for all of us, helping to support this cause will give you comfort that there will be people out there that can help.

The challenge...

So when I was given the #Pinkcycled challenge it got me inspired to give an old chair a facelift. But in true DiY Blonde® fashion, I have added a pom-pom or two to it. Using a gorgeous pastel pink and hints of grey and purple, this pretty chair will now look great in a bedroom or dressing room.

You will need:

Old chair


Pink spray paint - PlastiKote

Grey spray paint - Johnstone's Gloss Spray Paint


Pom-pom makers


Hot Glue

Optional - Staple gun or hammer and nail

Video Tutorial -


1. Rub the chair down with the sand paper.

2. Spray the chair with the pink spray paint. Leave to dry. Repeat this process until you are happy with the overall look. Leave to dry.

3. Spray the legs with the grey spray paint in any areas you like. I decided to add it to the feet and in spots across the pink. Leave to dry.

4. Using the yarn and pom-pom makers, create a range of different sized pom-poms.

5. Tie the pom-poms onto the back of the chair, spaced out evenly.