Moroccan makeover

In our new home we are so lucky to have a downstairs toilet, which is such a treat, not having to go upstairs to the loo (first world problems I know!). When we moved in, the whole house looked like something from the 1960's. There was bad wallpaper, dull colours and don't even start me on the kitchen. This mini loo however has been the most non-offensive room in the whole house, as this room is the most recent room to have been decorated. The tiles are fine to live with and the orange/burnt wood look we can rock for a couple of years, though I still felt it needed a bit of a modern touch.

Now I am a sucker for a patterned floor these days and the bolder the pattern, the better! Being in this space, had a very Moroccan feel to it, so that's the style we chose. I already had two beautiful Moroccan style teapots in this room, which my dad bought me years ago from a car boot sale, so these also set the scene slightly. Other than adding a few accessories here and there, the main thing to tackle was the floor. The original tiles again weren't that bad, but I wanted to make this house completely my own and put my stamp on it - so it had to go......or be covered! I was now on the hunt for some Moroccan style tiles, but ones with a slight copper tone included.

Flooring before:

After searching the net for what felt like a year, I finally came across these Marrakech Sierra Copper Pattern Floor Tiles from Tile Mountain! Hooray! These are stunning and come in a few different sized patterns to choose from. I wanted to keep the tiles in a continuous pattern, so I chose the larger pattern. The hardwearing porcelain meant that these would be slightly cold under foot, but I was willing to let that slide for the look!

So my lovely hubby got to work laying them over the top of the old ones, which meant we saved some time with this mini project. We chose white grout, which I felt would look nicer in the long run and would force me to clean the floor more often! Though when we came to laying the tiles around the toilet, we came up with a bit of problem...we couldn't cut the tiles with the circular saw. There was a moment that we thought we were going to have to change the tiles, but then my DIY brain kicked in and I had an idea....

Before, I had seen a mosaic done with coloured glass and I knew we had some old beer that needed throwing out. My idea was to smash the beer bottles up and use the pieces to create a mosaic to fill in all the gaps. So we gave it a go.....