Calming glitter jar

Do you suffer with anxiety, stress and worry? Are you looking for a way to have a calming 5 minutes? Well if this is you, this project will help you in so many ways. My DIY calming glitter jar is great fun to make and also will help you to take some much needed time out. The mesmerising way the glitter moves through the water, is calming and soothing - giving you a much need 'brain break' as you watch.

These glitter calming jars are great for all ages and are especially good for children with behavioural issues - though it is advised to use a plastic bottle for the container in this case.

You will need:

Glass jar or plastic bottle Glitter Glue Glitter Water Glue gun Spray Paint

OPTIONAL - Confetti and fun decor for the top of the lid


Step 1 - Spray paint the lid on a piece of scrap newspaper. Apply as many coats as needed.

Step 2 - Make sure the jar/bottle is clean and dry. Now pour a small amount of water into the bottom of the container.

Step 3 - Add the glitter glue (roughly 2-3 table spoons).

Step 4 - Stir the water and glitter glue.

Step 5 - Now add the extra glitter and any other embellishments into the mixture.

Step 6 - Fill the container with the rest of the water.

Step 7 -Glue the lid into place, so there are no leaks.