Mindfulness Desk Buddy

How we feel about ourselves is so important, but often those negative thoughts creep in and takeover. Keeping positive is a daily struggle for some and can be harder to do than you would think. What we need is some reminders around us to help keep us focused, happy and on track.

So introducing my creation of the Mindfulness Desk Buddy. This helpful little character is there to remind you to keep positive and that you kick ass in every way! So if you feel like you need a little pick me up, make your own character and boost your mental health daily with a positive slogan that resonates with you.

You will need:

*Rainbow coloured felt sheets *Goggle Eyes *Scissors *Pen *Paper *Circular template *Glue gun *Needle and thread

OPTIONAL - Cocktail stick


1. Create a rainbow template from paper, then draw round one layer of coloured felt and cut it out. Trim the top layer off the paper template.

2. Now cut out the remaining pieces of felt for the rainbow.

3. Glue all the felt rainbow pieces together with the glue gun.

4. Choose your positive slogan and create a flag or tag to attach to your character.

5. Attach the flag to the character with glue.

Now place your mindfulness desk buddy somewhere you can see it daily, keeping you focused and happy.

Check out my easy-to-follow video tutorial....