Festival peace garland

So Glastonbury festival is only a week away and I totally cannot wait, so today's DIY is inspired by the festival season which is upon us - yes guys summer is here! When camping it is great to get into the festival spirit fully and decorate your tents, so creating a garland to hang is the perfect option. With so many awful things happening in the world at present, the peace sign is such a powerful statement - one that should be celebrated and worn with pride. We need to unite together and show that love will always win over hate! Whether you hang this on your tent, in your garden or in your bedroom, creating your own peace sign is a great way to show your love to the world.

You will need:

*Craft wire thick and thin


*Coloured yarn

*Glue gun and glue sticks


OPTIONAL - Mini bells

1. Create a large circle from the thick craft wire. Double the wire to make the circle stronger.

2. With the thin craft wire, secure the double layered wire at intervals around the circle.

3. Create the inner 'peace sign' shape with additional wire.

4. Choose a selection of coloured yarn and tie all the ends together.

5. Attach the end of the yarn knot to the top of the wire peace sign with glue. This length of yarn will be the handle.