Front Door Makeover

Changing my front door has been on my 'things to do to the house list' for a while now and as the weather here in the UK is finally good, it was time to pick up the paintbrush and get to it. When we purchased this house, the front door was one of my favourite areas, but as it was black I thought it needed lightening up a bit. By now you should know that I love a pastel hue, so what better colour to paint it than mint green......yes people mint green :-)

This is what the original door looked like (see image below), it is not bad at all, but I felt it just needed a change to really fit our personalities as new owners. Both Pete and I really love colour and plus the dog knocker had to go......sorry dog owners, we are cat people through and through!

As with most DIY projects, I always think it is only going to take a few hours - but nope, this did take all day. Though that doesn't matter, it was enjoyable to do and looks great. Check out the steps below to learn how to makeover a wooden door, plus the big reveal......

You will need

-Wooden door -Masking Tape -Sand Paper -Paintbrush


-Sheets to cover the floor -Ronseal Garden Paint in Mint Green


1. After loosening the door handles and removing the knocker etc, mark out with masking tape where you don't want to paint to reach.

2. If you have any holes that need smoothing out, fill with filler and then sand down.

3. Sand the entire door with sand paper to remove any build up and so the paint can grip onto the wood. Then with a damp cloth, wipe away any dirt and dust.

4. Paint the first layer of paint onto the door. Leave to dry thoroughly.

5. Continue to layer the paint until you are completely happy with the look. Peel away the masking tape whilst the paint is still wet on the last coat.

Tip - For this project we gave our door roughly seven coats. I know that seems a lot, but I wanted the colour to really pop!

The Final Look

To finish off the scheme I hung a heart wreath in the centre of the door and then teamed it with a pastel pink rope hanging basket from TK Maxx.