DIY Mermaid Crown

Let's face it, mermaids are in....which makes me so happy! As a lover and true fan of Disney's The Little Mermaid my whole life, when mermaids became 'cool' again, my inner child rejoiced! But instead of whacking on a red wig and a fake tail, I feel you can now rock the mermaid look in a much better way. With festival season upon us, this a great opportunity to dress up and you are never to old to be a mermaid, so introducing the mermaid crown! I shall definitely be wearing this at Glasto this year!

You will need:

*Mix of large and small shells *Embellishments - Pearls, Beads and Sequins *Felt Sheet *Metal headband (Use craft wire as an alternative) *Glue gun& glue sticks *Pen/Pencil *Scissors

OPTIONAL - Spray paint & glitter


Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 16.00.28 copy

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 16.00.28 copy

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