DIY copper pipe hook

Though some say that the copper trend is on the way out, for me, it is still a favourite style of mine. Plus copper looks great in any space and doesn't seem to date as much as other trends. As we are doing up our bedroom at the moment, I have been looking for some interesting coat hooks to go on the back of our bedroom door. Most hooks as you can imagine are slightly on the boring side, so when I came across these copper pipe hooks, I was hooked myself! To buy these though, they can be quite pricey, so Pete and I realised that we could make some ourselves. Hooray! All you need is a few cheap copper accessories and a pipe cutter and away you go.

Check out how to make these funky copper hooks here......

You will need:

Length of copper pipe

Copper pipe elbows

Copper pipe caps

Copper brackets

15mm pipe cutter



Sharpie pen

Optional: Strong glue


1. Mark out 9cm on the length of pipe with a sharpie and ruler.

2. Using the 15mm pipe cutter, slot the pipe into the device and line it up with where you want to cut it.

3. Twist the pipe cutter until you feel the pipe pop and fall apart.

4. Cut two more lengths of pipe using the same process. These need to be 2cm long each. Push the 2cm pipe into one of the copper elbows. Repeat this for the other elbow and 2cm pipe.

5. Now attach the two elbows together (see pic below).

6. Attach the 9cm pipe into the top of the left elbow (see pic). You will now create a 'L' shape.

8. Add the copper pipe caps to each open end.

9. Hang the pipe on a door or wall using the copper brackets and screws.