Spring & Summer curtain tips

Summer is finally on the way and now is the perfect time to give your home a refresh. If you feel like your home could do with a bit of a shake up, then a good place to start is with your curtains.

Whether for winter or summer, choosing the right curtains is so important. Since 30% of the unwanted heat in your home comes in through your windows, investing in a good set of curtains is a practical decision. The right quality curtains can keep your home 20% cooler and your electricity bills 10% lower. And it's great news, as these days you can get your hands on so many suitable curtains in amazing styles, so it's a win win for everyone. This summer you may be looking for a lighter and more delicate look and linen is great place to start. Gareth Durbridge, Creative Director at Curtains.com, explains why linen curtains are a practical choice for summer.

“Linen is lightweight and a better insulator than man-made fibres. However, they are also well suited for both keeping rooms cool and heat insulation. Their practicality makes them an ideal choice for windows that are frequently open during the warmer months, and that have small gaps that cold breezes pass through in the winter.” - Gareth Durbridge, Creative Director at Curtains.com

Here are a few of our favourite summer curtains from Curtains.com...

Curtains.com, Finlay Cream curtains, from £152.49

Curtains.com, Paradise Manila Evergreen curtains, from £82.49

Curtains.com, Ananas Mango Curtains, from £58.49 - https://curtains.com/paradise-collection-ananas-mango

For more information and a full stocklist, please visit: www.curtains.com

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Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 16.00.28 copy

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