Disco ball shot glass

As a lover of the 1970’s era where having big hair, flares and dancing under a large disco ball was the norm, this DIY project will transport you straight there. In that era everything was colourful, bold and in your face, even the dance floors lit up. The disco ball was a standard fixture at any 70’s club, reflecting sparkling patterns on the club goers below and adding to the atmosphere and style of the era.

Today is National DIY Day so let’s celebrate with some 70’s glitz and glamour and raise a glass to being creative with a DIY disco ball shot glass – because why not hey! Who wants to just drink from a normal cup? Not us, we are doing in style!

You will need:

15cm polystyrene ball

Plastic cup

Mini mirror tiles


Knife/Stanley knife


Glue gun

Jumbo straws


Step 1 - To begin, place the rim of the plastic cup on the top of the polystyrene ball and draw around it in pencil.

Step 2 - Now begin to chip away the polystyrene in the circle you have just created using a knife or craft knife. Keep removing the polystyrene deep enough for half of the plastic cup to fit inside the ball.

Tip – Do this step over a bin or trash bag, as the polystyrene will get everywhere otherwise!

Step 3 - So the disco ball cup and sit upright, flatten the base of the ball using the knife, testing with a straight pencil as you go.

Step 4 - Insert the end of the plastic cup into the hole in the ball – you can also use shot glasses if easier.