Cactus Neon Light

There is something about a cactus isn’t there? They are weird and wonderful plants, which not only look great, but also are incredible in the way they survive. The cactus trend has been very popular recently, with many companies creating funky and kitsch accessories and interiors based round the cactus. So I was thinking, let’s jump on board and celebrate this wonderful piece of nature too! And as it is National DIY Day soon (April 2nd), this is the perfect project to get your creative juices flowing.

What better way to do this though, than by combining this trend with neon rope – it’s bold, bright and fun! This DIY cactus neon light will look great in your home, plus it is completely customisable to fit your scheme.

You will need:

Green craft wire

Green neon rope

Thin craft wire


Toy stuffing

Neon pink spray paint



Glue gun and glue sticks

Wooden block


Step 1- To begin, give the flowerpot a wipe so it is clean and dry. Now spray the flowerpot with neon pink spray paint all over. Leave to dry.

Step 2 - Bend the green craft wire into a medium sized cactus shape.

Step 3 - Now with the neon rope light, attach it to the wire cactus with the thin craft wire at intervals following the shape.

Step 4 - To help the wire cactus stand up in the flowerpot, glue a wooden block into the base of the flowerpot.

Step 5 - Cut a strip of fabric, enough to cover the top of the flowerpot.

Step 6 - Now make two small marks with pen on the centre of the fabric to slot the ends of the wire cactus through. Cut the dots with scissors.

Step 7 - Insert the ends of the wire cactus through the cut holes in the fabric.