'Who's watchin' you'

National DIY Day (April 2nd) created by The Craft Box Girls is on the way and I am very proud to announce that I am one of the ambassadors for it this year. To celebrate all things DIY, we are encouraging everyone to pick up the glue gun and get creative!

To kick off my contribution towards DIY Day, here is my quirky ‘Who’s watching’ you’ wall art. This project is inspired by the funky Australian brand Discount Universe (check them out!) and their ‘evil eye’ fashion. Though my eye is less ‘evil’ and more ‘sultry’, I feel the eye is such a beautiful symbol and looks great included in Interiors and Fashion. This project can be customised to fit your colour scheme and is a great gift idea too!

You will need:

Embroidery hoop


Neon pink spray paint



Glue Gun

Felt sheets - white, black and colour of your choice


1. Spray the outer hoop all over with neon pink spray paint. Give the hoop a couple of coats, then leave to dry.

2. To create the eye you can either cut the felt free hand, or use cardboard templates...

3. Once you have created the templates, you can draw and cut the felt pieces.