Pom-pom trainers

By now if you have followed my blog for a while, you will know that I am mad for pom-poms! To be honest, I think most people are. They are fun, cute, kitsch and a great way to customise clothing and accessories. If like me you like to dress a little different or you are bored of high street fashion, customising your fashion sense with pom-poms is definitely the way to go. Make a variety, then add them to whatever you like!

But if you have no idea how to make one, check my easy-to-follow instructions below....

How to make a pom-pom with a pom-pom maker

You will need:


Sharp scissors

Pom-pom maker


1. Open the arms of the pom-pom maker on each side.

2. Wind a full load of yarn onto the first arm. Distribute evenly throughout the arm.

3. Repeat the same on the other side by bringing the yarn over and winding. You don’t have to cut the yarn at this stage.

4. When the arms are both fully covered with the yarn, close the arms back into their original positions.

5. Now use a pair of sharp point scissors to cut up the middle section of the yarn on both sides of the pom-pom maker.

6. Now, cut a length of yarn and feed through the centre of the pom-pom maker.

7. Wrap the length of yarn round the centre point of the pom-pom maker and secure with three knots.

Tip: Apply fabric glue if you want to secure the pom-pom further.

8. Next, open both arms and separate the maker from the pom-pom you have made.

9. To finish, trim the pom-pom into your desired shape and size for your project.

How to make a pom-pom with cardboard discs

You need need:



Circle template (a glass)

Small circle template (coin)

Sharp scissors



1. Using the rim of the glass as a template, draw and cut two large circular discs.

2. Now using the small circle template (coin) draw a small circle in the centre of one disc.

TIP: The distance between the inner and outer circle will determine how big your pom-pom will be. Make sure the small circle isn’t too big!

3. Cut a slit from the outer circle to the smaller one and cut out the smaller one too.

4. Cut a second slit, so you now have an opening to your cardboard ring. Repeat for the second disc, making sure both discs match up.

5. Put both cardboard discs together – you are now ready to wrap!

6. Start wrapping the yarn. The thicker you wrap, the fluffier your pom-pom will be.

7. Once you are happy with the amount of yarn applied to the discs, start cutting the yarn with sharp scissors. Cut the yarn by pushing your scissors between the two discs.

TIP: Make sure to keep an eye on loose yarn falling out of the centre point.

8. Now cut a length of yarn and wrap between the two cardboard discs.