Pom-pom coin sandals


So amazing news.....I am going to Glastonbury Festival this year and I can't wait!! It is going to be great. The best bit about festivals though is the chance to play dress up and these cute pom-pom sandals are a fab place to start. Just get a basic sandal and then start to layer with pom-poms and gold craft coins - it's that easy!




You will need:

Plain sandals

Pom-pom maker

A range of coloured yarn

Shop bought pom-poms

Craft coins

Coloured thread

Glue or needle and thread





1. Following the instructions here, to create mini pom-poms using either a maker or two small cardboard discs. In this project you can mix homemade pom-poms with shop bought.


2. Glue or sew a range of colourful pom-poms onto the straps of the sandals in an arrangement of your choice, adding the coins and thread tassels as you go.



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