7 ways to brighten your hallway

The entrance hall to your home is the first chance your guests get to see your interior style, so why not take this opportunity to wow them! Hallways can often become dumping grounds for shoes and coats, but this area of the home needs to be welcoming, full of character and most importantly light!

If you currently you feel your hallway is a bit dark, there are some handy ways to lighten it up, follow these handy tips and you will be on your way to having a light and airy hallway to die for!

1. De-clutter

Clutter - what a cruel thing you are! It creeps up on most of us throughout our daily lives without really noticing it, but on that day when you clear it all away; you will notice a sense of calm in that space that wasn’t there before. As humans, we respond to order and symmetry and clutter can effect us mentally and for some of us emotionally! This clutter clouds the space, making us focus on the mess rather than the lighter aspects of the room.

To tackle this problem, make sure you have stylish storage solutions at the ready – this will keep everything looking neat and tidy, whilst allowing the light to flow throughout the space smoothly. Also my suggestion is to only have objects out that are there for decoration/styling purposes. Remember less is more always!

2. Keep the walls light

If you are suffering with a dark and drab hallway, clear that drab away by painting the walls in lighter tones to inject some light. Dark colours absorb the light, so unless that is the look you are going for, stay well clear. Pure white tones though can be glaring, so to tackle this either soften the white scheme with colour hints throughout or opt for pale or pastel colours for the walls instead.

3. Use layers of lighting

When it comes to lighting your hallway really think outside the box on this one! Don’t just feel restrained to one single ceiling light, here is where you can get creative. By layering lighting options this can do a few things, a; it will brighten the scheme throughout, b; it will create atmosphere in the space and c; you can use this lighting to accentuate chosen decorative accents throughout your hallway. Consider placing a matching pair of lamps on a console table, lighting up a dark corner with a floor lamp or scattering candles or fairy lights on any available surface. You can also add stylish lighting options such as marquee lighting, which work well both as wall art and lighting at the same time. If space is limited or the budget is low, think about investing in some floor runway lights running the length of the hallway. A tip is to add light sources in front of mirrors, which will help the light to bounce throughout the space also.

4. Use mirrors

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So as mentioned in the last point in the number 3 – mirrors help the light to bounce throughout a space! Yay for mirrors! Because of their reflective surfaces they will help to spread the light throughout the room and into those pesky dark corners. If you place a mirror directly opposite a light source, you will make the most of the mirror’s reflective quality. To create the ultimate light and airy scheme, place multiple mirrors throughout your hallway.

5. Keep the floor light and neutral

Much like dark walls, a dark floor can absorb the light. Lighter flooring can help to create space in a room and will help to reflect the light, depending on the surface choice. Changing your flooring can be expensive though, so if you don’t have the budget, try pulling up your carpet and painting the floorboards white for a stylish and rustic look. If you don’t own the property or you are unable to change the flooring, opt instead for a neutral coloured hallway rug or runner to distract the eye from a busy floor.

6. Use reflective furniture


Keep your hallway bright and fresh by choosing reflective furniture. This furniture style works the same way as mirrors do, helping the light to bounce throughout the scheme beautifully. Each piece of furniture can double up as a storage option also. If the mirrored furniture look is not for you, any shiny surface with light reflecting properties, such as gloss or laminate would work well.

7. Change the style of your front door