Kingfisher and Grecian Blue

Transform an old piece of furniture into your very own masterpiece with these gorgeous chalk paints from Everlong Paint

Kingfisher – This luscious green tone, will add character and depth to any piece of furniture.

Grecian Blue – Add a sophisticated and feminine touch to your setting with this soft and soothing tone.

How to upcycle with chalk paint from Everlong Paint, Sarah Ashurst, Managing Director:

“Upcycling old treasures with eco-friendly chalk paint, has become an increasingly popular trend that is causing quite a stir in the interiors world. With no waxing, no sanding and no priming required, Everlong Paint can help you turn old household objects into something new in no time at all. Just follow the simple instruction below and when you’re finished, stand back and admire your masterpiece."

1) Shake/stir thoroughly before use

2) Remove any dirt and grease from the area to be painted

3) Apply first coat thinly

4) For second coat (and third coat where applicable), we recommend diluting with 1-part water to 4 parts paint to achieve a smoother finish

5) Touch dry in 20 minutes

6) Ready to reapply in 1 hour

7) Leave as a block finish or rub with sandpaper to give a distressed/aged look. For a little more depth try ‘dry brushing’ with another colour to create a shabby chic look.

8) Buff with a soft dry cloth to add extra protection and a light sheen