A Pastel Christmas


Soft pastel pinks and blues, dusted with delicate faux snow – the perfect pastel Christmas!

Wyevale Garden Centre

If like me you are mad about Christmas, but want to stray away from the traditional colour palette of red, green and gold – then a pastel Christmas could be the perfect choice for you! Pastels are feminine and delicate, but if done wrong can look extremely tacky. Here are a few tips for how to make pastels work for you this Christmas, without the tack!

1. Stick to a colour palette of three main tones, for example white, pale pink and a soft green, or pale mint green, pink and white. These colours will compliment each other beautifully, also by having a set colour palette you will stray less away from the main goal.

2. Keep the Christmas tree colour green. Now this is probably more personal taste, but I prefer a Christmas tree to look natural. If you cannot have a real Christmas tree up in your home for various reasons, or get sick of those pesky pine needles, there are so many amazing faux tree’s available for cheap prices. By keeping the colour of the tree green, removes any idea of the tree looking synthetic and nasty! The natural green colour acts as the perfect background tone, allowing the pretty pastel decorations to pop. For an even more stunning look, by dusting the tree with faux snow will tie the whole scheme together with an extra bit of magic!



Martha Stewart

3. Choose a selection of decorations and repeat to create balance throughout the scheme. By introducing too many styles of baubles and tree decorations, will create a hectic look. By choosing a particular theme, such as a nautical, candy themed or vintage Christmas – this will help you to keep on track and not allow you to get carried away!