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Dvbviewer Osd Skin 1080p Resolution --> DOWNLOAD

Dvbviewer Osd Skin 1080p Resolution --> DOWNLOAD

Mar 24, 2556 BE DVID10 skin, Download . Feb 2, 2553 BE Fix: The resample options in the DVBViewer Configuration can be checked/unchecked without changing the skin resolution. So if you don't need the resample options in DVBViewer, you can just change the skin to one without it. Feb 1, 2552 BE I did a backport of the following logos to DVBViewer. To do so I converted the SVGA . May 5, 2553 BE Internal change . Since DVBViewer currently only supports SVGA resolution images, which is way to big to fit into the OSD. It's possible to read more about this on the BETA Forum on DVBViewer . Aug 18, 2552 BE Show the currently selected audio source in the DVBViewer Logos. And change the audio language of DVBViewer to match the currently selected audio source . May 18, 2552 BE It's possible now to resize and position the OSD. However, there are a lot of bugs, i.e.: resizing is buggy and the OSD can vanish while resizing. And it's possible that a wrong position is detected by the new OSD manager. Apr 21, 2551 BE Now you can assign DVBViewer to a specific channel, and DVBViewer will switch the currently selected channel to the DVBViewer's TV channel, when you go to the mymovies section in the options. Mar 14, 2551 BE Now it's possible to change between two selected channels while using DVBViewer. To do so you need to change the view to " . I'm now working on a Skin which looks much better then the original Skin. It will be able to assign one of the current channels to DVBViewer and vice versa. It will also be possible to switch channels by changing the view to " . Feb 16, 2551 BE I'm trying to recreate the original windows driver and OSD with all the possible options. I already have the the old driver and the OSD skin. But I can't get it to work properly. I'm already thinking of rewriting the whole OSD and driver, with a higher resolution. Dec 15, 2550 BE There are many osd skins for



Dvbviewer Osd Skin 1080p Resolution

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