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*Height - 5'1

*Voice - Bright, youthful, clear

*Accents - R.P, Standard American, Southern American, London (General) 


*Experienced Presenter and Voiceover Artist

*TV Craft & Interior Expert

*Interior Columnist & Journalist

*Video Content Producer 

*Social Creative Influencer

*Professional Performer & Children's Performer 

*Dance, Musical Theatre & Acting Diploma - Laine Theatre Arts

*I.S.T.D Modern F.D.I  - Units 4 & 5

*R.A.D Ballet - Advanced 1

*I.S.T.D Modern - Advanced 2

*I.S.T.D Tap - Advanced 2

*LAMDA Acting - Gold Medal

*Interior Design Diploma



*TV Craft Expert, Kirstie's All Star Stitch-Up, Channel 4 (2019)

*TV Craft Expert, This Morning, ITV (2016-Present)

*Youtuber/Vlogger, DiY Blonde®

*Queen of Crafts Campaign, Fellowes®

*Origami Day Campaign, On The Beach

*Corporate Training, The Public Training Company

*Party Presenter, Colchester Zoo

*Winnie the Pooh Show, Disneyland® Paris

*Team Gadget, Silvas Productions

*Coastal Eyes, Our World Learning

*Universally Challenged, BU

*In-house Presenter, Dancemania

*Entertainment 'eGirl', IssTV 



*TV Craft Expert, This Morning ITV (2016-Present)

*Instruction Video Series, Asda Mobile

*Promo Video Voiceover, Chocolate Emoji Maker

*Promo Video Voiceover, Reactoo

*Promo Video Voiceover, Desperadoes

*Music Promo for Little Mix, Little Mix Hotline

*NHSmail Skype For Business Promo Video Voiceover, Accenture

*Promo Video Voiceover, Club Cacozi

*Promo Video Voiceover, Muslim Giving

*Promo Video Voiceover, 50:50 Live

*Radio Promo, Demolition News Radio

*Promo Video Voiceover, VALO

*Promo Video Voiceover, Everyday Fresh

*Career & Interview Technique Amazon Audio Book, Knowledge Workers Pro

*Corporate Voiceover, Local Business Images

*Answering Service, Tinc Finance


*Video Guide, Hive

*Promo Video Voiceover, Apps Anywhere

*Promo Video Voiceover, Photo Booth Group

*Comic Character Voiceover 'Dor', Bartos of Fantasia, S.W Wilcox

*Promo Video Voiceover, Yaggle Dating App

*Corporate Voiceover, MFG Managed Encryption

*Answering Service,

*Answering Service, Scooterpac

*Video Guide, Byron & Byron

*Answering Service, Walms

*Radio Promo, Service Drive Revolution

*Story Narration, The Iceberg Sea, Adrain Books

*Promo Video Voiceover,

*Cycle Tour Guide, Grasshopper Tours

*Promo Video Voiceover, Comfort N' Cuddly

*Promo Video Voiceover, Jolly Films

*Promo Video Voiceover, Magical Festival

*Competition Message,

*Video Tutorial Voiceover, Wisher World

*Promo Video Voiceover, Slugstopper

*Answering Service, Champagne Tours

*Corporate Voiceover, Simple Metrics

*Promo Video Voiceover, Air Culinaire

*Radio Promo, Finale

*American Voiceover, Hi-Ortho

*Corporate Voiceover, UK Business Planning

*Answering Service, Status Porche

*Corporate Voiceover, Workation

*Narrator, Team Gadget, Silvas Productions

*Programme Voiceover, Coastal Eyes, Our World Learning

*Radio Promo, Artwell Music

*In-house Voiceover Artisit, Burda UK

*In-house Voiceover Artist, DiY Blonde®

*In-house Voiceover Artist, Dancemania

*In-house Voiceover Artist, IssTV

and many more....

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