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Hey lovely! How you doing?

Welcome to the section of my site which is purely about you!  Yes that's right, from this moment on I am granting you permission to love yo'self just that little bit more. 

With our busy lives we often forget to look after number one and you my dear need to be treated from time to time! I'm talking about treating your mind, allowing you to have time to relax and develop a happy and healthy mind. Here at love yo' self you will find a selection of yummy positive content to get your teeth into. From easy-to-do positive daily rituals, creative projects to chill you out, to simple but effective meditations that anyone can have a go at - I hope you find something that might inspire you, to put YOU first for a while.   

As someone who has battled with self confidence & anxiety most of my life, I have had to find ways to deal with those things on a daily basis. I have read countless self-help books, watched seminars, done every law of attraction course you can imagine & even had some really weird but wonderful treatments to help. Now after all these years I finally feel that I have found a selection of activities that help me daily to stay happy & on track - and now I want to share them with you!   


"The key to a healthy life is having a healthy mind" - Richard Davidson 

Sophie x

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