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MY NAME IS sophie aka 

Welcome to my colourful and creative blog! I’m a TV presenter and creative influencer, who specialises in all things Craft, Upcycling & Home Interiors. You will mostly see me with a glue gun in my hand and most likely covered in glitter and glue, which drives my hubby mad as you can imagine.  Colour, pattern and bold styles are my bag, so if you are a fan of these things also, you have come to right place! With a background in television presenting and my passion for craft and interiors, I have now combined all these things to become a TV Expert.  I gained a wealth of experience  when I worked for top Interiors title Your Home Magazine as a staff Journalist and shoot assistant. My work now consists of designing creative content for numerous companies, creating custom made pieces and featuring regularly on TV for shows such as ITV's This Morning and Kirstie's Celebrity Craft Masters (Channel 4) as a presenter and craft expert.


As a new direction I have now expanded DiY Blonde® into other such as fun creative activities to do with your little ones with my 'Mini Blonde' section. As a new parent and a Children's TV/show presenter in the past, I have decided to include this on my platform, as it displays such a large area of my life now that my lovely son Emmett is here. This is a place to inspire readers to be more creative, help them with their children and to help promote happy mindsets in what can be very stressful times. I hope you enjoy browsing through my content and I hope you leave feeling inspired in some way! 

I'm available for writing, styling and creative projects, as well as TV & media appearances and demonstrations, so please get in touch to discuss any further opportunities.

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